Episode 1: The Sorceress and the Squid

May 5, 2024

Miria, a smuggler awakes next to her sinking starship on a strange world, alone, with holes in her memories, and only the clothes on her back and her wrist computer. If she’s going to survive, she is going to need to find a way past the strange alien cephalopods circling her vessel like hungry sharks…

Episode 1 of the podcast introduces us to Miria at level 1, and has her survive the crash of her starship the Empyreal’s Coin. We encounter a monster called the Psi-squid, and eventually meet Teo helpful characters: Olan and Rayya, who believe Miria is there to fulfill a prophecy, something she partially verifies with the ancient Trassi incantation “Bah wheep graghna wheep ni ni bong“. We also get a glimpse of a potential enemy known only as The Master.


  • Enjoyed your first podcast immensely. I am intrigued and delighted by your outer-space spin on Fantasy Solo RPG adventure! I am also pleased to initiate you into the infamous House of Iron, Sir. You now stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the SoloRPG legends. Forever. Iron Realm!

    The Maze Master

    1. Thank you so much! The Iron Realm is an amazing work! I have actually started a few pieces of fan art for it from time to time… but I tend to get attached to characters who don’t make it! Your is a truly intense game!

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